So, first post.

As luck would have it, I’m currently at home, sick, in bed. ‘Tis flu season, after all, and this has been an extremely cold winter.

I’m taking some time to organise some photos, which I shall upload later, and just trying to chill to some tunes (Zeppelin, at the  moment).

But, things are good otherwise. I’m playing Portal 2, which I’m enjoying very much. On the weekend is the Sydney Manga and Anime Show, or SMASH!, which my friends and I have a table at. Very much looking forward to it, this is our third year. This isn’t generally our audience but we do really well and we have some regulars that pop up. Seeing as we have a few new things this year, I’m sure we’ll do well!

I’m also in the process of uploading some more stories  – I’m trying hard to get back into writing after a long break, and it’s slow going.

Anyway, must focus on the getting better thing, so I might sign off and get some more tissues and a nightcap.