So, I may have mentioned that I bought a lomo camera at the beginning of the year. I have a Golden Half, which takes photos in half-exposures. It’s a great little camera, except the main expense in working on film is getting the bastard developed. There’s a lab near me but who wants to pay $20 a roll? (And they’re arseholes, too.)

Anyway. I scanned a couple of my favourite photos to show you how it turned out. I’m incredibly pleased. The half-exposures is so fun, except it’s hard to remember where you might be on a particular frame. If you want two certain photos together, you just have to hope! I haven’t shot on film for about ten years, so I wondered (I did have a very embarrassing camera-cord-in-frame shot, but let’s not talk about that) how it would go. My scanner is pretty shit so unfortunately it looks fuzzier and duller than it really is.

Here’s the results:

Nice beginning-of-the-roll burn there! I’m pleased with how the bubble showed up.

I think it’s interesting how it seems out of focus on the edges, which makes it look quite dreamy.

This is a nice shot near where I live. It was quite a rainy spell so everything was lush and green.

I love this one! This was from the Sydney Zombie March March (Sydney has two zombie marches a year, around March and October). Unfortunately film tends to be a little dark, but I love the focus on the witch in the upper frame, and little zombie Snow White in the lower. Everything else is reduced to blood-streaked flashes and shadows. This one was incredibly lucky.

I took a series of my boyfriend and I dicking around in his lovely backyard. This is probably my favourite photo of us two, ever.

This is my favourite of all the Half shots. The lovely garden on the left, a tender moment on the right (and yes, I did take the one on the right! Lucky aim!).

The Half works pretty well with movement, which is rather nice. I would think that my train was going perhaps 60km/h at the time.

This is my favourite experiment ever! As I said, the cost of processing the film is a little prohibitive (any Sydneysiders, advice would be appreciated) so that puts me off continuing. But I really like the results, and I’d like to see what the full capabilities of my little plastic camera are.

In other exciting news, Chris’ comic series has been nominated for a Golden Stapler award for Best Collaborative Zine! I’m hoping to attend the glittering awards ceremony at the This Is Not Art festival. Hopefully I’ll see you there.