New day, new outfit!

This is fast becoming one of my favourites. And I’m so pleased that my hair is finally grown out (I cut it super short 18 months ago due to an excessively humid summer and regretted it ever since).


Cardigan: Target
T-shirt: Lady Gaga – Born This Way tour
Skirt: Crossroads
Leggings: Target
Shoes: Converse (7 years old)
Necklace: Diva
Hair Colour: Color Bug by Kevin Murphy in Pink


I was privileged enough to see Lady Gaga in concert a few weeks ago and it was excellent. I bought two shirts and some socks. I might feature them one day! You can’t quite see it properly but I love the bright colours and the cartoonish grotesqueness of her likeness, almost in a Día de los Muertos style.

My Converse are my oldest pair and ones I should wear more. I sometimes wear this outfit with black ankle boots, to make it a tiny bit dressier.


My hair – I would really like to have an outrageous hair colour but my job is prohibiting that at the moment. A Color Bug is like eyeshadow for hair – it’s a powder you swipe onto your hair. You need to add product (I use dry shampoo or serum) to make it stick, and hairspray to seal it. It is messy and does rub off onto your clothes and make your hair knot after a while but I like it. I own the purple one too but I have to use a lot more of it for it to be visible.


This is my totally adorable owl necklace. I bought it on a whim after lusting after it for ages despite not having anything to wear it with.


This outfit represents a new direction in my style. The skirt is super-short, for me, so it’s a little bit of risk taking and exploring that wonderful avenue of Not Giving A Fuck. It’s a good place to be.


P.S. This is little but must be celebrated: I’ve hit 1,000 pageviews! Thank you to all my old friends, new friends and spammers for making it possible.