Sometimes, when I feel in a creative rut, what I like to do is redecorate my house. I love interiors and such and I always have great fun doing it. I’ve recently redone some of my house, and am slowly working room by room. So I wanted to show you the fruits of my labour:


My bedroom. Apologies for the lack of white balance, but the storage drawers (which are awesome) are hot pink and match my rug. Notice our respective Pillow Pets – Thomas for Chris, Caterpillar (Hungry) for me. Yes, we are three years old.


More storage! I decided to liven up my wardrobe by making panels out of cheap wrapping paper. Didn’t turn out too badly! Notice my awesome dinosaur backpack (which glows in the dark, thank you very much).


This is a whiteboard I found, that’s just cardboard with laminate. It’s handy for writing notes and silly things. On there, I wrote ‘I love you’ in Elvish. Yes, yes, I know. The paper heart above it is a decoration my sister-in-law made for our engagement party.


I’ve just redone the bathroom, too. Lovely new shower curtain and storage drawers. Even though you can’t see too clearly, the current colour scheme is hot pink and red. The lovely red orchid on the window is artifical – me keeping a real one alive would never happen!


So, that’s what I’ve been up to for the past couple of days. I’m hoping to work on my dining room/kitchen next, and I have to clean my study up. Anyone know where to find nice table runners?