So, I haven’t been idle when it comes to this whole wedding business. I actually have… *gasp* photos! (You will notice I’ve had to turn my Flickr feed off. I’m super annoyed about this because their free accounts have incredibly small space limitations. Sigh. But I digress.)
(You will also have to click these images to see them properly. This is WordPress being stupid. I’m hoping this problem won’t happen again.)

So, here’s the big one…


What’s in there? ;)

And, here’s my something old…


I’ve had these babies for about three years. Because they’re sequinned, the actual shoe is fairly stiff so there’s lots of extra padding and reinforcement inside. They’re so comfy! And wouldn’t you know it, they match exactly :D

And I’ve been making stuff!


Observe my kusudama shoebox, full of half-cut origami paper and unassembled petals. The glittery things are hair pins which I use to hold the petals together while the glue is drying.

So, what will they look like when they’re all put together?


So, that’s what little I can show you so far. Hope it tickles your fancy.