So, at the beginning of this year, I moved from the thriving inner city where I’d been living off and on for six years, to a suburban centre 30kms away. Each location has its advantages and disadvantages, of course, but the thing I really hate about being away from the city is missing out on all the incredible art and cultural events that I used to attend regularly. So, I decided to find out what was available to me in my local area.

My nearest hub is the city of Parramatta. Parramatta is as old as Sydney city, and it’s large enough to be exciting, but small enough to be convenient. It has some beautiful historic houses and gardens, a thriving and diverse ethnic community (best Indian/Chinese food ever) and lovely walkable suburban streets. The council seem to be pretty interested in cultural and arts events, and they’ve given artists the means to start their own pop-up shops. The scheme is in its early days and has a few teething problems, but it has let me meet and make friends with some amazing people and galleries. So, here’s my favourite, with a heavy dash of bias.

The Infinite Everything is the brainchild of two wonderful artists: Delia Puiatti, aka Unknown Quantity, and Nam Nguyen. Delia is a designer who specialises in vintage textiles, and Nam does beautiful paintings in inks. Both of them try to work sustainably, including upcycling, and using recycled and found objects. The gallery is imbued with a deep sense of philosophy, which comes across in the pieces themselves. They also have a very interactive approach – collaboration and participation from everyone is highly encouraged and welcomed. The Infinite Everything runs events and workshops, including a colouring-in club on Thursday nights! What’s not to love?

They were kind enough to let me photograph some pieces in the shop, so here we go!


A skirt upcycled from a vintage jumper.



Here’s the front and back of the tag.


Bracelets and pencil cases, all hand made and embellished.


Handmade scarves on the centrepiece of the gallery – the staircase.


Jewellery made from upcycled computer parts, by Carl Noonan.


Hangings made from wonderful vintage fabrics.




The staircase’s central column is made entirely from old books. Each step going around is labelled with the name of a virtue.




This is Nam’s beautiful series, Day Dream. Nam also runs a monthly raffle on his blog where you can win one of his gorgeous pieces for yourself.


And here’s an original Nam piece on an unusual canvas – me!


It’s not just me paying attention, though. A couple of weeks ago Delia was profiled in the local paper, showcasing her sustainable work and the ideas behind it. Plus, it’s a great photo!

If you want more:

The Infinite Everything

Delia’s website

Nam’s blog

Delia and Nam also have a joint exhibition, Magnitude, at Mars Hill Café, Parramatta, until the 3rd of February. I highly recommend you go to it. Beautiful inks! Space collages! Beer! There’s truly something for everyone.